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In 1997, Robert Sotile identified a need and invented what would later become The Buddy System. One day at the ice cream parlor, Sotile saw the server handle some money, push her hair behind her ears, then touch his ice cream cone while filling it, subsequently wrapping his cone with a napkin. Sotile refused the cone as unsanitary; the server protested that the money was clean, her hair was clean, and her hands were clean. Sotile was determined to solve this problem, and thus The Buddy System was invented.

Robert Sotile

The Buddy System's President, CEO and inventor

The Buddy System

is a disposable plastic sleeve that is a modern replacement for wrapped cones and messy napkins. We sell our cone sleeves to small and large ice cream shops worldwide.

The Advantages of The Buddy System®

  • Catches drips and eliminates messy napkins
  • Stops the spread of germs
  • Enhances presentation
  • Promotes faster customer service
  • Children and car friendly
  • No contamination from money handling
  • Impresses the health conscious consumer
  • Cheaper than jacketed cones
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