kids with ice-cream

The Buddy System

is a recyclable plastic ice cream cone sleeve that is a modern replacement for wrapped cones and messy napkins. We sell our ice cream cone holders to small and large ice cream shops worldwide. The Cone Buddy ice cream cone holders will keep your customers happy with no messes and no germs.

The Advantages of The Buddy System®

  • Catches drips and eliminates messy napkins
  • Stops the spread of germs
  • Enhances presentation
  • Promotes faster customer service
  • Children and car friendly
  • No contamination from money handling
  • Impresses the health conscious consumer
  • Cheaper than jacketed cones
  • No paper stuck to cones
  • Helpful for those with disabilities

buddy #1

fits small cones
up to #35

buddy #2

fits all cones
from #40 to #70

buddy #3

fits all pointed sugar
and 2 oz. waffle cones

buddy #4

fits 4 oz. and 7 oz.
waffle cones
AmeriStar award
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